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As'dra is not the only name this place has had, but it is the only one its people have known for many hundreds of years. Before their kind, there was another – an ancient species of skillful and intelligent creatures, whose downfall was ill-timed and final. In their wake, they left stories, skeletons, and ruins of buildings towering high above the trees. There are countless theories about what destroyed them; perhaps it was illness, or perhaps it was their own clout. In the end, all that matters is that they once were, and then they were not.

Many years passed between the fall of mankind and the rise of lion – enough for stone to crumble, for vines and moss to creep its way up castle walls, for the sea to erode abandoned ships. Whether As'dra was the name of some ancient lion who discovered this place, or one bestowed by a group of travelers, the story has been lost to history, like much of what came before it. This world is as shrouded in mystery as the creatures who once controlled it, and at the heart of it all sits the one thing that binds it together: Yggdrasil.

The great tree is as ambiguous as everything else about this land, but there is no doubting that it harbors its own kind of magic, strange and powerful and intangible. It grants gifts unheard of in other realms, gifts that should not seem possible. But there is one thing known by all: Yggdrasil does not give anything away for free. Some refuse to give into its magic for fear of what it might mean, and others accept it as a natural way of life – but most of As'dra's inhabitants are under the impression that one way or another, Yggdrasil is not only a tree. It is the heart of As'dra, without whose nourishing roots, this world would surely wither.

In the many years that As'dra has existed beneath the rule of lionkind, it has seen kings rise and fall, and seen its people flourish and suffer. The cities grow, the summers nourish, and winter takes its toll upon those who are ill-prepared to meet it. The only real question that remains is if this world's inhabitants will thrive and spread, or if they will fall to some great scourge, lost to the history books like those who came before them.

Welcome to Fernweh

Fernweh is a fantasy, play-by-post, liquid time lion rpg. To learn more about the world of As'dra and its inhabitants, please delve further into the guidebook and all it has to offer. Feel free to join us on Discord, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

Fantasy: Fernweh is based in a land that is fed by Yggdrasil's magick. This site features fantastical elements, such as unnatural coat colors, eye colors, and mutations; the characters can wield magick of their own, and As'dra may prove to be unpredictable in nature.
Play-by-post: While there is historical lore, and some story-based BWPs to expect on-site, Fernweh's story is primarily driven by its players and characters.
Liquid time: There is some flexibility using liquid time that allows characters to be in multiple threads at the same time, with the assumption that they are never in more than one place at any given time. Players must be certain to use the site Travel system as well to keep their characters from traveling further than what is reasonable within a timeframe.
Real time: Fernweh runs in real time, so a day in real life equates to one in-game day. Fernweh is intended to run at a slower pace than many animal rpgs in an effort to cater to the average working adult with real-life expectations.

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