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Uddegana Province
Only recently, Uddegana Province had been shattered and on the cusp of abandonment, and that history still shows in the scars left behind on the land. This kingdom is divided by Nateka Ridge across from the Thesvern Hills, with the Pass of Tomorrow being the only way to move between the northern and southern halves. Frosthaven lies above the ridge, while the capital of Attexus is tucked in beneath it. In the north, vast evergreen forests have, in some places, been reduced to frozen wastelands, and the lands have given in to the frequent cold; to the south, the maple trees around Attexus are standing twisted and scarred, but whole, while the crop fields are carefully tended; and the Pass of Tomorrow has had avalanches more frequently, leaving boulders in the road and a new rule for caravans to speak quietly while walking through. Uddegana Province may have suffered under the negligent rule of its previous king, but there are also signs everywhere that the kingdom is healing. Border patrols are more frequent, particularly on the sides facing other kingdoms, and trade has resumed with enthusiasm from the merchant class, bringing caravans in from all corners of As'dra. The settlements are livelier than they have been in recent years, with frequent open markets and festivals the likes of which are not seen anywhere else.
Climate Zone
Temperature Range
Dry-summer subarctic
-2°F (-18°C) — 71°F (22°C)
High precipitation
Moderate cloud cover
Low precipitation
Low cloud cover
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A grand keep made from worn, mossy stone, Attexus is nigh impenetrable by invaders. The walls are tall and thick, weathering any storm with all the grace of its years. The keep itself has multiple stories that nobles and citizens can reside in, in addition to a walled-off city sprawling around it. Closed markets and shaded plazas characterize much of the city, as the whole settlement is intended as a stronghold against invaders. Outside these walls, golden maple trees dot the plains, and crop fields lie fenced in not far from the main gates. Attexus does not face extreme weather conditions thanks to the Nateka Ridge, which keeps the settlement sheltered. The keep has several tall towers that watch over the surrounding fields, each high enough to make out activity at the borders thanks to the more open landscape of the kingdom. There is only one main road leading in or out, which is well-kept and well guarded by the local government. Though there are other paths to leave the keep, they are kept secured by the current ruler except in times of emergency, and rarely used. Due to how close it stands to the much-fought-over Firefly Grotto, there are a number of defenses in place along the western wall especially, and patrols pass by frequently on the Uddegana-Eyirath border.
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Nestled within the snowy tundra stretching over the top of Nateka Ridge, Frosthaven stands alone in a massive field ringed by heavy forest. Getting there means a heavy hike through rough terrain with low visibility, and other than a few paths leading in and out, a traveler could get lost in those woods for days. A cluster of log buildings stand alongside the occasional tree stump, a larger settlement reduced to a few homes clustered around a pair of larger buildings mostly used for communal storage and gathering respectively. The outskirts of the field show the remains of more log buildings, but the ruins are rarely explored fully before the people of Frosthaven attempt to chase those explorers away. The folks of Frosthaven are closed off and wary of outsiders, but exceedingly friendly with each other as a matter of survival. Those who make a home in Frosthaven have allies in Frosthaven, while those from outside its small cluster of light and warmth will find themselves left in the cold embrace of the woods surrounding them. Though the community has shrunk in recent times with the upheaval of the kingdom, new settlers are tentatively making their homes here, and while they settle with some friction, the old guard are tentatively welcoming of this revival to their community. A few old traditions remain, but the way of life in Frosthaven is steadily changing.
Pass of Tomorrow
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At some point in the settling of the Uddegana Provence, the annoyance of traversing the kingdom, otherwise known as Nateka Ridge, became enough of a problem that one of the previous kings called together a number of mages who could shape the earth and carved a trail now known as the Pass of Tomorrow. The result is a crude and rugged incline that nonetheless can be traversed in about a day from bottom to top, making the otherwise perilous climb or tedious weeks-round trip into a reasonable journey for a small party. The stairs are still worn and uneven, but the incline is far less steep than the sheer cliff face that characterizes much of Nateka Ridge. Merchant caravans still go the long way round, if they seek the top at all, but patrols and regular pedestrian traffic frequently use the Pass of Tomorrow to traverse the kingdom. There are camping sites that are regularly filled with people at the top and bottom of the path, usually quiet or weary travelers preparing for or recovering from the climb. Due to its narrow structure and the rough-hewn stone that make up the stairs themselves, very few people stop in the middle of the Pass, and if you wind up traveling close to someone you may be stuck with them for several hours, as there are very few points to try and pass them by.
Skelmor Mines
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The short tunnels nestled along the bottom of Nateka Ridge are a poor precursor for the Skelmor Mines, which reach deep enough for some to think twice about continuing their explorations. The upper shafts are broadly well explored and generally stable--or at least, the most recent wreckage has been reported and worked around and things are generally unchanged among the npcs. Sometimes certain paths are open and others are not, all at the whim of the rumbling beneath Skelmor Mines. Those who come to make a living here soon grow used to the subtle shifts of the earth shaking around them. However, despite the riches to be found beneath the earth, not many actually come to mine them. It's well known that there used to be good reason for the well-built tunnels leading into the earth, and some report signs of others going deeper. A knocking coming from down a tunnel, the long, lonely whistle of the mines, sometimes calling folks too far off the beaten path. At the deepest point, there is an iron door with signs advising those who approach it to turn away. Sometimes rumbling growls come from deep below, and the door has twice been buried and dug up again, but for some reason rarely opened. Past a certain point, if you fall into the mines you won't be getting out again. As the lower shafts open further paths into the depths, light becomes a precious commodity and some begin to lose their footing.
Uddegana Province
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