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Skelmor Mines
The short tunnels nestled along the bottom of Nateka Ridge are a poor precursor for the Skelmor Mines, which reach deep enough for some to think twice about continuing their explorations. The upper shafts are broadly well explored and generally stable--or at least, the most recent wreckage has been reported and worked around and things are generally unchanged among the npcs. Sometimes certain paths are open and others are not, all at the whim of the rumbling beneath Skelmor Mines. Those who come to make a living here soon grow used to the subtle shifts of the earth shaking around them. However, despite the riches to be found beneath the earth, not many actually come to mine them. It's well known that there used to be good reason for the well-built tunnels leading into the earth, and some report signs of others going deeper. A knocking coming from down a tunnel, the long, lonely whistle of the mines, sometimes calling folks too far off the beaten path. At the deepest point, there is an iron door with signs advising those who approach it to turn away. Sometimes rumbling growls come from deep below, and the door has twice been buried and dug up again, but for some reason rarely opened. Past a certain point, if you fall into the mines you won't be getting out again. As the lower shafts open further paths into the depths, light becomes a precious commodity and some begin to lose their footing.
Climate Zone
Temperature Range
Dry-summer subarctic
-2°F (-18°C) — 71°F (22°C)
High precipitation
Moderate cloud cover
Low precipitation
Low cloud cover
Skelmor Mines
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