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Pass of Tomorrow
At some point in the settling of the Uddegana Provence, the annoyance of traversing the kingdom, otherwise known as Nateka Ridge, became enough of a problem that one of the previous kings called together a number of mages who could shape the earth and carved a trail now known as the Pass of Tomorrow. The result is a crude and rugged incline that nonetheless can be traversed in about a day from bottom to top, making the otherwise perilous climb or tedious weeks-round trip into a reasonable journey for a small party. The stairs are still worn and uneven, but the incline is far less steep than the sheer cliff face that characterizes much of Nateka Ridge. Merchant caravans still go the long way round, if they seek the top at all, but patrols and regular pedestrian traffic frequently use the Pass of Tomorrow to traverse the kingdom. There are camping sites that are regularly filled with people at the top and bottom of the path, usually quiet or weary travelers preparing for or recovering from the climb. Due to its narrow structure and the rough-hewn stone that make up the stairs themselves, very few people stop in the middle of the Pass, and if you wind up traveling close to someone you may be stuck with them for several hours, as there are very few points to try and pass them by.
Climate Zone
Temperature Range
Dry-summer subarctic
-2°F (-18°C) — 71°F (22°C)
High precipitation
Moderate cloud cover
Low precipitation
Low cloud cover
Pass of Tomorrow
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