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Nestled within the snowy tundra stretching over the top of Nateka Ridge, Frosthaven stands alone in a massive field ringed by heavy forest. Getting there means a heavy hike through rough terrain with low visibility, and other than a few paths leading in and out, a traveler could get lost in those woods for days. A cluster of log buildings stand alongside the occasional tree stump, a larger settlement reduced to a few homes clustered around a pair of larger buildings mostly used for communal storage and gathering respectively. The outskirts of the field show the remains of more log buildings, but the ruins are rarely explored fully before the people of Frosthaven attempt to chase those explorers away. The folks of Frosthaven are closed off and wary of outsiders, but exceedingly friendly with each other as a matter of survival. Those who make a home in Frosthaven have allies in Frosthaven, while those from outside its small cluster of light and warmth will find themselves left in the cold embrace of the woods surrounding them. Though the community has shrunk in recent times with the upheaval of the kingdom, new settlers are tentatively making their homes here, and while they settle with some friction, the old guard are tentatively welcoming of this revival to their community. A few old traditions remain, but the way of life in Frosthaven is steadily changing.
Climate Zone
Temperature Range
Dry-summer subarctic
-2°F (-18°C) — 71°F (22°C)
High precipitation
Moderate cloud cover
Low precipitation
Low cloud cover
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