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A grand keep made from worn, mossy stone, Attexus is nigh impenetrable by invaders. The walls are tall and thick, weathering any storm with all the grace of its years. The keep itself has multiple stories that nobles and citizens can reside in, in addition to a walled-off city sprawling around it. Closed markets and shaded plazas characterize much of the city, as the whole settlement is intended as a stronghold against invaders. Outside these walls, golden maple trees dot the plains, and crop fields lie fenced in not far from the main gates. Attexus does not face extreme weather conditions thanks to the Nateka Ridge, which keeps the settlement sheltered. The keep has several tall towers that watch over the surrounding fields, each high enough to make out activity at the borders thanks to the more open landscape of the kingdom. There is only one main road leading in or out, which is well-kept and well guarded by the local government. Though there are other paths to leave the keep, they are kept secured by the current ruler except in times of emergency, and rarely used. Due to how close it stands to the much-fought-over Firefly Grotto, there are a number of defenses in place along the western wall especially, and patrols pass by frequently on the Uddegana-Eyirath border.
Climate Zone
Temperature Range
Dry-summer subarctic
-2°F (-18°C) — 71°F (22°C)
High precipitation
Moderate cloud cover
Low precipitation
Low cloud cover
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