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The Kingsroad
The Kingsroad is a wide path with laid stones to help prevent deep mud from causing trouble with the merchant's carts frequently passing through. Lined on either side with the thick redwoods of the Wild Vale, it is long but fairly straightforward in nature, heading through to the Redwood Keep. It is the only path in the kingdom large enough to have a wagon on it, in addition to being the only road in the kingdom at all. Most of the traffic of those who are not native to Sestrala happens on the Kingsroad, while those who live in the kingdom are more likely to take the web of foot trails through the Wild Vale. Merchants are just as likely to call out to their fellow travelers in hopes of making a sale as they are to stop and set up camp to the side of the path, though the latter is frowned upon by the natives except in designated areas. There are dedicated camping points for those traveling slowly through the kingdom, places where the path widens, and it is here that mini markets spring up wherever merchants can find room, though the guards who keep the peace here also ensure that there is space for travelers and families to camp as well, as necessary.
Climate Zone
Temperature Range
30°F (-1°C) — 95°F (35°C)
High precipitation
Moderate cloud cover
Low precipitation
Moderate cloud cover
The Kingsroad
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