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The Wild Vale
Covering the majority of Sestrala Commonwealth but especially thick in the south and western regions of the kingdom, the Wild Vale is unforgiving and tangled. Made up of old evergreen trees, the thick trunks and bristling canopy make the forest floor dark, allowing for the abundant growth of well-shaded shrubbery and brambles. The flora of the kingdom is wildly diverse, with different parts of the Wild Vale being prone to different kinds of weather and allowing the growth of different plants at different elevations. The gentle rise and fall of the slopes of the Vale sometimes break into steeper hikes, interspersed with still ponds and trickling brooks throughout. The Wild Vale is a place where it can be raining in the trees ten feet away and remain dry where you stand, and storms can be followed or avoided. The Wild Vale is almost impossible to traverse without either a guide or enough experience in path finding, which leads most outsiders to shy away from the treeline and keep mostly to the Kingsroad, which is the one cleared path for everyone to use. While there are trails webbed throughout the foliage, they are all overgrown and harder to follow. However, it's quite rewarding to learn them if you're a frequent visitor or a native, as they can cut travel time in half and lead you to all sorts of interesting secrets hidden in the trees.
Climate Zone
Temperature Range
30°F (-1°C) — 95°F (35°C)
High precipitation
Moderate cloud cover
Low precipitation
Moderate cloud cover
The Wild Vale
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