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Twilight Valley
At the northeastern edge of the Sestrala Commonwealth, the Wild Vale forest ends in an abrupt cliff edge. There are switchback trails leading down if one knows where to look, enabling a long climb down into the forest floor again. Below that cliff, the trees change from redwood varieties and towering evergreens to birch and silver aspen, thin trunks and fingerling branches that barely blot out the sky above even at the height of summer. The Twilight Valley nearly glows in the night, the trees otherworldly by the light of the stars. They are serene and quiet as well, with birds rarely calling and a sense of waiting constantly hanging in the air. The ground is soft and giving, easily dug into, and many residents of the Sestrala Commonwealth plant secret personal gardens in the soft loam. The Twilight Valley stretches into the regions beyond As'dra, and as such is carefully guarded as another open border in the Commonwealth. it's rumored that through the Twilight Valley, the secretive people of Sestrala gain access to trade sources in the Beyond, giving them unique power in the mercantile circles of As'dra. Whether this is the truth or another fiction put up to protect the secrets of their wood, only the Sestrala natives know for sure.
Climate Zone
Temperature Range
30°F (-1°C) — 95°F (35°C)
High precipitation
Moderate cloud cover
Low precipitation
Moderate cloud cover
Twilight Valley
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