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Redwood Keep
The only road through the Sestrala Commonwealth ends at the edge of a large cleared circle, forest abruptly giving way to a rolling meadow climbing up into a lone hill, which towers over its surroundings even before the walls and towers have been built on top of it. This makes the Redwood Keep easily visible from a wide range. Over the decades of occupancy, the clearing has been shaped into a near-perfect circle around the Keep, allowing clear sight lines from each of its many watch towers. Within the Keep, the roads are narrow, with buildings that lean toward each other and slanted roofs that cover the hilltop in shadows. Redwood Keep is large enough to host several hundred within its walls, though that number fluctuates more than any other settlement in As'dra. Even in summer, Redwood Keep is remarkably cool in the lower levels, though when it rains the streets run like rivers down the hill and out of the city. Snow can be equally dangerous, as the streets freeze and become a hazard to traverse. It's actually safer when there's a layer of snow on the ground. At street level, there are also several secret entrances into various tunnels through the hill which the locals use regularly. There are rumors of those who go in without knowing their way disappearing without ever surfacing again, the nature of which is generally enough to keep outsiders from using them.
Climate Zone
Temperature Range
30°F (-1°C) — 95°F (35°C)
High precipitation
Moderate cloud cover
Low precipitation
Moderate cloud cover
Redwood Keep
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