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House of Ardelean

Language & Naming

The Ardeleans, as a whole, are fluent in Romanian as well as the common tongue. Other fluencies tend to depend on any languages their non-Ardelean parents, partners, or friends might speak. For example, Cezar would most likely be fluent in Spanish at this point, considering it is his wife's native language and they've been married for most of their lives.

That being said, this means the majority of their naming themes tend to be Romanian, though exceptions are always welcome! Usually exceptions to this rule would be in the form of the non-Ardelean parent naming the kid(s) in question, or perhaps a close friend getting the honor of naming a kiddo. They're fairly chill about most stuff, these guys.

Feel free to come up with whatever backstory you'd like for a different name, as long as it makes sense and you clear it with the parents!

Marriage & Divorce

Ardeleans tend toward monogamy, but this is not a hard and fast rule; if everyone involved consents to a polyamorous arrangement of some sort, then that's fine! Each partner will be welcomed into the family with open arms. That being said, in the case of familial leadership, only one spouse can be named a Shepherd or a Fang.

This is generally the first spouse, but if they do not want the position or are not suited for it, then the position can be granted to a different spouse. In the case of divorce, the family does its best to remain on good terms when and where possible. They've found it helps ease the stress all around, especially when there are cubs involved.

If the divorced pair are incapable of interacting with one another without blatant hostility, someone else in the family will step in to mediate and facilitate any necessary arrangements. This is done to preserve the peace and wellbeing of all parties involved in the divorce dispute, and to avoid any further headaches that might be caused by the former couple's fighting.


The Ardeleans are an egalitarian, merit-based family. This essentially means that gender and birth order have nothing to do with succession - rather, one must prove themselves to be the best fit for a position if they wish to lay claim to it. This can be done in a variety of ways based on the position one is attempting to claim.

The Claws of the family have input on the matter of choosing new Fangs, but the Shepherds always have final say on the matter. If a Fang or Claw proves themselves unfit for the role later on, then a vote can be called amongst the family to have them removed from the position and replaced by another member of the family.

The same process can be used to oust a Shepherd, should one become unfit for the role at any point in time. These votes are exceedingly rare, however, and would usually be triggered by some kind of major concern. An overwhelming majority (70%) of the family must vote to oust the individual from their respective position in order for the vote to pass.


Modern Era

The Ardeleans are a Highborn family in Sestrala Commonwealth, holding a respectable handful of positions within the court. They are loyal and devoted to their Queen, just as their ancestors before them have always been.

Nousha, Alexandru's wife, is an Al Su'ud - of the Royalborn House Al Su'ud from Eldtril Retreat. Her marriage into the Ardelean family helped to strengthen ties between the Commonwealth and the Horizon, and she serves Sestrala as its official Diplomat.

The most notable event in very recent Ardelean history is Shadi's disappearance. The family remains on vigilant lookout for her return, but they've yet to spot her - only the traces she leaves behind when she visits the well-tended grave of her lover.

She has been missing for a year, but leaves mementos at the grave every few months, so the family knows she's alive - they've just struggled to track her down because she never remains in any one place for very long. I look forward to her reunion with the family!

Ancient Alliances

TBA - please contact me if you'd like to hash something out for connections with your families!

Chronicled Clashes

TBA - please contact me if you'd like to hash something out for conflicts with your families!

Founding Era

The first Ardelean was a warrior. A commoner, she drew notice thanks to her large size and impressive abilities - as well as her temperament. Most knew her to be calm, collected, and rational; a gentle giant, kind to everyone. A few individuals, however, had the misfortune of discovering that beneath the kindness was an unbreakable mountain with a molten core.

She was cream and sugar with honey-colored eyes and the softest dusting of cinnamon. The woman with whom she fell in love was cocoa powder and milk, bearing striking violet eyes. A commoner as well, with no surname of her own, she bore the name Ardelean alongside her beloved wife. She was a healer, stern and no-nonsense, always shaking her head at her dear wife's softhearted foolishness.

When they learned of the blessing resting in her womb, it is known that the First and her Beloved were overjoyed. "I hope they all look just like you," the Beloved is known to have said. "That is fine with me," replied the First, "as long as each of them have your lovely eyes." Thus, their first children were born exactly as each of them had hoped; palettes of sugar and cream, with eyes of lilac and violet and almost-evening skies.

It was around this time that the little Ardelean clan gained a great deal more notice, as the First unknowingly rescued a lost and wounded little prince. Taking him home to the Beloved, she got him patched up before reporting to the city guards; it was this incident that first drew that long-ago king's eye. He kept his attention on the little family, but it was not until the little prince was king that the Ardeleans were elevated to Highborns.

The First served amongst the royal guard; her Beloved as advisor. Their children, all grown and with children of their own, filled various other open court positions practically overnight. They worked hard, and after a couple more generations, the tenets of the family were established. They were determined not to forget where they'd come from, or to take for granted what they had gained.

Things did not always go smoothly for them, of course; there were those who looked down upon them for their commoner origins, but they did not let it stop them. They worked, and worked, and worked, and got themselves involved in their communities - always seeking to go above and beyond in each of their duties. Not only to prove that they were worthy, but simply because they cared - for their people, for their duty, for each and every member of their family.

This attitude persists even today.
Tree, Key, & Notes

Family Tree

Click here! Please note that Adam is not, in fact, alive - I just had to mark him that way so the link would take people directly to the Ardelean branch of this tree, lol.

Hover Key

  1. ✩ - special circumstances


Please keep in mind that I'm listing all family members here and will add profile links as they get adopted out and brought onsite! Also, more chars can be added to litters - I kind of just threw the bare minimum amount in the rest of the family because it was exhausting finding names for everyone. If players who adopt parents would like to add more offspring, please feel free to do so! I will just need to know so I can add 'em to the tree.
** Names are open to being changed, aside from a handful I'm very attached to. The ones I do not want to be changed are as follows.
**** Cezar & Adela, Dezideriu & Dragomir, Ilham, & Dragoș.
****** No particular reasoning behind Ilham except that the idea of him being nicknamed Ham amuses me greatly and, as I play his baby sister(s), it's an idea I desperately want to run with. Someone please give me big brother Ham for Shadi (and later, Friday) to tease, PLEASE.

The Guardians

Shepherds [2]

  1. Cezar - 9
  2. Adela Casales - 9

Fangs [2]

  1. Alexandru 'Sasha' - 7
  2. Nousha Al Su'ud - 7

Claws [21]

  1. Marius - 11
  2. Eliza - 11
  3. Iacob - 11
  4. Iasmina - 11
  5. Isac - 9
  6. Catina - 9
  7. Iulian - 9
  8. Rozalia - 9
  9. Dezideriu - 7
  10. Dumitra - 7
  11. Ivan - 7
  12. Larisa - 7
  13. Karam - 5
  14. Malak - 5
  15. Loredana - 5
  16. Silvius - 5
  17. Steliana - 5
  18. Livius - 5
  19. Duha - 4
  20. Demetra - 4
  21. Remus - 4

The Flock


  1. Ligia - 9
  2. Ladislau - 9
  3. Daria - 9
  4. Emil - 9
  5. Luciana - 7
  6. Lucius - 7
  7. Luiza - 7
  8. Melania - 7
  9. Mihail - 7
  10. Antoniu - 5
  11. Ciprian - 5
  12. Miron Rusu - 5
  13. Octavia Iliescu - 5
  14. Teodora Tudor - 5
  15. Ilham - 4
  16. Damian - 4
  17. Dragoș - 4
  18. Shadi 'Sorrow' - 3
  19. Herut-Hadiyya 'Friday' - 3


*see family tree - will add them here as they are adopted*
  1. NAME - AGE
  2. NAME - AGE


  1. NAME - AGE
  2. NAME - AGE


  1. NAME - AGE
  2. NAME - AGE

01. Harm no innocents.

If they have harmed none, you must not harm them. Shelter the innocent when possible, and try to defend them when necessary, if you are able to do so. You are the wolf and the shepherd at once; destroy all threats to your pack, and protect those within the flock.

02. Leave none behind.

There is no such thing as an acceptable casualty. Leave none of your brethren behind if it can at all be avoided; they are your kin, your battle-siblings, and you must shield each other in any way you can. Every loss has weight, and none should be taken lightly.

03. Loyalty and trust.

Your kin come first, at all times. This is not limited to bloodline, but rather is applicable to anyone you would call family. Loyalty and trust are necessary for the strength and wellbeing of both the unit and the individual; you cannot receive if you do not give.

04. Betrayal has costs.

To betray the whole is to be excised from it; corruption must be cut away at its roots, lest it sicken the entire tree. Such betrayals have happened very rarely in family history, but are always taken incredibly seriously. The accused must always be investigated thoroughly.

05. Keep your oaths.

An Ardelean must always seek to keep their oaths. Oathbreaking is only acceptable under a very few circumstances; outside of that, it is seen as shameful weakness on the oathbreaker's part. Unsanctioned oathbreakers are not permitted to handle major family business.

06. Perserverence brings rewards.

Ardeleans must never give up, if there are any other options available to them. Tenacity, willpower, and hard work are the things that have allowed the Ardeleans to survive for so long. It's what got them where they are now, from commoners to highborns.

07. Remember your roots.

The Ardelean ancestors were not highborn - they were commoners who worked their asses off to forge a better life for their descendants. You are not better than the commonfolk - you are meant to serve and protect them, not become tyrants. Do not take your blessings for granted.

Colors & Sizes

  • Softer, more neutral pastel shades. Creams & neutral browns are most common, with some occasional grey showing up as well.
  • Rich, vivid shades of purple are the most common, but pink and yellow have also been known to occur.
  • Tend to be darker than the base, but still leaning toward softer shades and neutral tones. Undersides, on the other hand, are generally much lighter than the base pelt.
  • Tend to be darker than the base pelt, and usually warmer-toned. Pinkish shades are very common. Manes also tend to be mono-colored, but bi or tri-color have occurred on occasion as well.
  • Giant & Large are the most common, with the occasional Average popping up every now and then. Outliers are, of course, possible - depending on the genetics being introduced to the pool - but they have not been particularly common.

Markings & Mutations

  • Stripes of any kind
  • Gradient masks & socks
  • Solid socks - usually same color as undersides
  • Dorsal stripes (head to tail-tip most common)
  • Eyebrow dots (usually same color as undersides)
  • Nose bar (usually same color as undersides, or close to it)
  • Dark ears or ear rims
  • Bobbed tail or tailless
  • Dark sclera
  • Thicker fur - not usually longer, though, just more dense
  • Curls
  • Longer tail tufts
  • Cheek fluff
  • Pointed ears (points tend to be mild)
  • Fluffy tail
  • Polydactyly
  • Long fangs and/or claws
  • Lynx paws
  • Slit pupils
  • Heterochromia of any kind


  • Auramancy
  • Biotamancy
  • Geomancy
  • Meteoromancy
  • Stellamancy

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