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To Fernweh; we’re happy to have you aboard! Prior to registering, we encourage you to view our Guidebook for essential information on how Fernweh is operated. Should you have any additional questions, the staff are here to answer them via our Discord server or the Inquiries forum.

Character reviews are to be posted in this forum once you have completed their in-profile applications. Give the staff 48-hours for your character to be assessed.
Sun Dynasty Royalborn
eightysix Apr 17th, 07:14 AM
Sectioned further into specific threads, if you’re in need of staff-related support, dig deeper into our maintenance forum. Requests may be as simple as archiving a thread or character, to logging a fight, or rolling for a hunt.
litter requests
Fernweh Dec 16th, 04:11 PM
Following acceptance of your character, we encourage you to jump into your plot or thread search here! You’re welcome to simply search for non-plotted out threads, too, be them seeking meet-ups with your new realm, to traversing the dangerous, neutral wilds of As’dra.
Family Trees
witchking Oct 13th, 07:43 PM
Catalogs of further lore regarding the life of As’dra, and the whispers of past out-of-character events that have occurred on Fernweh. If you have further optional lore to add into Fernweh (whether it be a fictional religion, to the detailed dramatics of a family that calls As’dra home), threads may be posted here but are moderated first for approval to ensure they fit within the canon realms.
the khanat-erdeni clan
Rabbit Apr 14th, 09:51 AM
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All dice rolls for site systems will take part within this forum. Detailed explanations outlining each system can be found within their respective threads.
Want to sent a message to another character? Fernweh's messenger system allows you to do just that. Free-for-use templates to send your letters with can be found inside!

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