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Patch 1.0 • Soft Opening Phase 1
Dec 25th, 11:37 PM
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patch 1.0 • soft opening phase 1

The Fernweh team is proud to announce the official beginning of our soft opening. This is our first step with the release, and as such, there are areas of the site that will be incomplete. Any official information is subjected to change depending on feedback, bug fixes, and so forth.

We will keep a changelog to ensure that all players in our database are aware of patches made, even with small tidbits and grammatical fixes.

With our first phrase, we are opening registration for out-of-character and in-character accounts. Despite this, official gameplay is not yet ready for release. Players may prep these accounts for future waves. Posting is, however, permitted in our Beyond As’dra forum, in which players may have their characters interact on their journey towards the realms.
patch list features

• Completed Guidebook pages: Home, Rules, Character Rules, Character Appearances, How to Join, and Map.
• Interactive layout with automatic device detection for adjustments to ensure eligibility with PC and mobile devices.
• Different IC and OOC profiles and post-bits.
• Table saver integration.
• Custom profile CSS.
• Three different themes with toggling light or dark mode in UPC, with an additional in progress.
• Automatic player database.
• Completed forum images.
• Completed OOC board descriptions.
• Began IC board descriptions.
• Began coding for automatic rank databases.
• Guest viability enabled.
• Account registration enabled.
closing notes

Should you run into any bugs, or questions, please contact us in the Inquires forum, or on Discord through the #inquires channel.

Thank you all for your support and happy holidays!

Fernweh Team

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