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House Miroslav
Mar 3rd, 12:29 AM
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The Miroslavs are based on ancient Roman culture. They are a male-led society, with a head of household, or patriarch, who oversees the lives and major decisions of all those under his care. By old family law, the patriarch has the power of life and death over his dependents, as well as the power to approve or deny most decisions. To defy an order from the patriarch is to tempt death—though depending on the temperament of the individual patriarch, punishments may vary. However, Miroslav patriarchs are rarely needlessly cruel; their harsh-but-fair policy is no joke, but they are not known for being vindictive. The patriarch's job is to protect and provide for his family, and he is likely willing to go to extreme measures to see those under his care well-kept, healthy, and happy.

In addition to the patriarch, it's fairly common for a matriarch to be appointed. She is often, but not always, the eldest blood-Miroslav of the family, and her duties revolve around organizing, training, and overseeing the day-to-day lives of Miroslav females (both blood born and married in). Whilst the male Miroslavs do not have to heed the matriarch's orders, it is generally considered a position of great respect and honor, given the fact that not all patriarchs appoint one, and many will turn to her for advice in times of need.

Miroslav young are well-educated from an early age in politics, language, reading, and writing. Respecting adults of the family is ingrained in them from the start, but rivalry and dominance scuffles amongst other children—or adults of similar age that grew up together—is common and socially acceptable. Young male Miroslavs, and females who demonstrate an interest, begin combat training around their first year. Males are obligated to at least one year of military service after completing their initial training. Miroslavs of either sex are welcome to serve in the military; upon reaching two years of age, Miroslavs begin to settle into roles base on their skillset. Many choose to stay in the military longer than they are obligated, whilst others may obtain seats of political power or travel to other kingdoms for alliances or marriages.


Marrying for political gain is extremely common, even going so far as to arrange betrothals from childhood. As a general rule, Miroslav males practice polygamy, and females are expected to be monogamous. The patriarch holds the power to arrange the marriage of any recognized Miroslav, but the patriarch in power may or may not utilize this control to its full extent. Ultimately, any and all marriages must be at least approved of by the patriarch; failure to do so may result in a variety of punishments, from loss of family name, lands, and titles to measures as extreme as death. A male Miroslav's first wife, either by order of marriage or assignment of a 'primary' wife, may take the Miroslav surname. If another wife desires the name, she must have approval from the patriarch and her husband, as well as draw or best the family matriarch in a challenge of the matriarch's choosing.

Miroslavs tend to be very political lions, but not necessarily in a graceful way. They are conquerors, known for their greed and propensity to spread their reach and power as far as possible. Anyone who isn't an ally, after all, is a threat to their family. The Miroslav patriarch position goes paw-in-paw with the need to have a throne, a crown, and a kingdom.

In the ages of old, many generations ago, the Miroslavs were little better than savages. They pitted their young amongst one another so that only the fittest would survive, but many, many years ago, the legendary Hannibal Miroslav abolished the practice. Nowadays, it's extremely rare for a Miroslav to die at a family member's paws, but not unheard of; this would only be caused by an extreme transgression, or a challenge for the patriarchy, which may only occur with the approval of a majority-rule vote. That being said, they are no less brutal than the Miroslavs of old, and place a high value in a strong military. Miroslav men, even after serving their mandatory time, are expected to keep up on their hand-to-hand combat skills.


The following lists depict what types of traits one can expect to find in a Miroslav, but it is not comprehensive.
Colors & Markings
- Grayscale or red-toned coats
- Cool-toned eyes (green, blue, yellow, orange)
- Dual-toned manes
- Under eye dots
- Stripes
- Medium, large, or huge in size
- Polydactyly
- Heterochromia
- Piebalding

Because Miroslavs are not native to As'dra, they do not yet have a predictable magickal affinity. This is likely to change over time.


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