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Rolls for Roche in 2023 Rudrini's Corn Maze: Group 1
Oct 18th, 05:53 PM
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Thread: 2023 Rudrini's Corn Maze: Group 1
Attribute: Wisdom
Activate Perk?: Eagle Eye
Circumstantial Modifiers: Unknown
  • Gender: Cis Female
  • Age: 2 years
  • Size: Small
  • Posts: 7

Crow's Eye Gonji

played by koi
This character may be discussed by other players in OOC spaces.

25 Posts (Unearned)50 Posts (Unearned)100 Posts (Unearned)250 Posts (Unearned)500 Posts (Unearned)
Write a 300 word post (Unearned)Write a 500 word post (Unearned)Write a 750 word post (Unearned)Write a 1,000 word post (Unearned)Write a 1,500 word post (Unearned)
Join a realm (Unearned)Complete 5 threads in a realm (Unearned)Participate in a realm event (Unearned)Become a realm leader or council member (Unearned)Explore all territories in a realm (Unearned)
Save a life (Unearned)Take a life (Unearned)Participate in 5 site system threads (Unearned)Meet 25 characters (Unearned)Explore all neutral territories (Unearned)
Create an alliance (Unearned)Participate in a social gathering or party (Unearned)Participate in 5 trade related threads (Unearned)Become a trade master (Unearned)Mentor another character (Unearned)
Get a mate (Unearned)Become a parent (Unearned)Become a grandparent (Unearned)Participate in a BWP (Unearned)Participate in a war (Unearned)
31 (Unearned)32 (Unearned)Be a citizen of a realm for 1 year (Unearned)Active on site for 6 months (Unearned)Active on site for 1 year (Unearned)
Oct 18th, 06:03 PM
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  • Pronouns: he/they
  • Discord: sentrytower
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