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official messenger templates
Oct 1st, 05:29 PM
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Messenger Template Guidelines

Players are welcomed to use any templates in this thread for our Messenger system.

Please be aware that all templates in this thread may not be used on any site outside of Fernweh — this includes copying the style of the template or otherwise ripping inspiration.

You may edit the templates, but original credit must remain intact.
  • If using pixel sizing, tables may not exceed 500px in width.
    • If using percentage sizing, tables may be up to 100% wide
  • Font size for tables must be a minimum of 12px.
  • Table artwork may not depict sexual content or extreme gore (mild gore is acceptable; check with a game master if you're uncertain).
  • GIFs are permitted in tables, but they cannot be extremely fast, bright/colorful, or jarring.
  • Post content must be visible without having to hover over or click on the table (scroll-boxes are acceptable).
    • For member convenience, players may apply the small-scrollbar or no-scrollbar class to their scroll-boxes for simple customization.
  • Theft of artwork or coding is strictly prohibited, and subject to more severe intervention from staff than the above guidelines.
Oct 1st, 06:36 PM
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