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Nepenthe Haven
An arrangement of beautifully built structures on a hillside culminating in a towering temple, Nepenthe Haven is the heart of Eyirath Kingdom. While it does not lie in the center of the territory, it is the most populous settlement, with many of the Kingdom's noble families hailing from somewhere within its walls. The buildings themselves are mostly colored white and blue, while the foliage around them consists of Bloodwood Maples and Everbloom Cherry Blossoms, leaving red and pink petals to paint the settlement in cheerful shades. There are several different levels where people can live within the settlement, with the highest levels dedicated to the royal family and the lowest belonging to farmers and hunters within the territory. Pebble-lined pathways wind around the hill in a meandering style, leading up to the foot of the temple where the royal family resides. Underground, tunnels allow citizens to pass between levels unhindered, with some secret passages even leading all the way to the royal apartments. These tunnels hollow out most of the hillside, with some chambers deep within that are used in times of war for citizens who cannot fight to hide from the encroaching forces. From these inner chambers, there are tunnels leading out to the bridge that crosses to Issan Estate, allowing them to escape into Yggdrasil's roots in the worst case scenario.
Climate Zone
Temperature Range
Tropical steppe
44°F (7°C) — 86°F (30°C)
Moderate precipitation
Moderate cloud cover
Moderate precipitation
Low cloud cover
Nepenthe Haven
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