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Kikona Springs
Nestled directly between a major source of both cold and heat, Kikona Springs is uniquely formed to collect from underground springs fed by Burnsul Freeze, which over time has formed several different pools with varying temperatures based on how close they are to the Sleeping Dragon. The hottest are so close you can admire its wings and tail in some detail, while the refreshingly cooler pools are nearer to Burnsul Freeze. Many find it perfectly fine to bathe in, occasionally even rejuvenating, but visitors are advised against drinking it as it is full of the eroded remains of the rock around it and given a brighter shade as a result. The color of each pool actually changes over time, and is rumored to sometimes have healing properties, though others consider this a bogus claim and will advise steering well clear of the pools instead. The Kikona Springs are one of the natural wonders of As'dra, for all that there are a number of though some recent speculation suggests that the pools are getting bigger--or, perhaps more accurately, the stone is eroding further between them, and they may one day be linked. This doesn't make them any less relaxing to visit, and various spiritual leaders who associate with water come here at some point in their lives to bathe in the famous pools.
Kikona Springs
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