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The Willowglen is beautiful to behold but difficult to traverse, made up of clustered willow and mangrove trees that are otherwise surrounded by water. The marshy area just below Yggdrasil is still a popular destination, as traveling along the roots of these massive trees is considered both sport and challenge. Alligators can be frequently seen basking in patches of sunlight that trickle through the reaching canopy, which makes the prospect of falling into the water unpleasant to say the least. The roots, arching up above the water's surface and providing some trails, are also frequently covered in moss. Careful is key, here; one wrong step could send you slipping straight into danger. Some consider the trip into the Willowglen worth it for other reasons, as there are a number of plants that also grow well in the humid climate that are useful for a variety of purposes. The pathways through the Willowglen are winding, with many dead ends and much back-tracking to be had as characters move closer to or farther from Yggdrasil. The trees grow in thicker clusters closer to the great tree, which makes the root paths longer--but that does not necessarily mean faster. In other places, the trees grow far enough apart that a brief swim is necessary to get between clusters. Throughout the marsh, there are also large gray stones, all of which are oddly polished smooth except where they are broken.
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