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Issan Estate
Traveling east from the Bloodwood, one may find themselves on the shores of the Summer Sea. An old, somewhat crumbling stone bridge stretches across a narrow channel to an island known as the Issan Estate, where the paths are lined with smooth river stones and the trees, while numerous, appear almost...placed. There is something just shy of unnatural about the Issan Estate, with its burbling freshwater ponds hemmed in along careful waterfalls, circling into each other and away from the salt of the ocean beyond its shores. Shoots of bamboo can rarely be found growing amid the tall red maples, but more frequently than those fresh green stalks, strange constructions of a smoother, browner material can be found by the water. Their purpose is unknown, but observation of those that have not been destroyed by time or local creatures shows that the water flowing through them will cause one part of the construction to smack into another at irregular intervals. In the center of Issan Estate, there lies a strange stone sitting atop a shelled creature, in the shape of some monkey-like animal holding a long pole. The trees stretch their branches to one another but do not crowd, as they would in the jungles or forests beyond, providing a gentle covering of shade for much of the island. A careful and fastidious explorer may find the crumbled remnants of stone buildings, strange trees that seem to have grown sideways and around each other, and even the occasional hollowed stone. Following along the northern edge of the island, it's possible to spy The Gullet island in the distance; and, even further, crossing the Southern Gullet Bridge to Yggdrasil nearby.
Climate Zone
Temperature Range
Tropical steppe
44°F (7°C) — 86°F (30°C)
Moderate precipitation
Moderate cloud cover
Moderate precipitation
Low cloud cover
Issan Estate
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