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Emberlight Coast
The northern shore of the islet where the Crow's Eye resides has a softer landscape, the karsts dispersing into much smaller protrusions from soft, pale sand. Emberlight Coast is mainly contained within this northernmost area, stretching in a thinner sliver down three quarters of the islet's westernmost side. Due to the karsts growing smaller and scarcer in this area, the wind coming off the Howling Sea is almost constant, a dull roar fading into a soft whisper the farther from the ocean you get. On the northern banks, larger than any of the nearby karsts, a towering lighthouse remains constantly lit by the efforts of the Sun Dynasty's sacred Keepers of Light, a title that is considered on par with members of the council. Their duty is to keep the Emberlight burning at all times, and it is thanks to their efforts that Emberlight Coast's lighthouse has gone out only twice; once when the Great Wave hit, which sank a nearby settlement, and again when Firefly Grotto was lost to the Sun Dynasty. Its sacred flame acts as a beacon for the chilled winds of the Howling Sea and the residents of the Crow's Eye alike. At night, its warm glow is more constant than the north star, and if it were ever to go out again the Dynasty would surely be doomed to misfortune.
Climate Zone
Temperature Range
Tropical monsoon
61°F (16°C) — 82°F (28°C)
Low precipitation
High cloud cover
High precipitation
High cloud cover
Emberlight Coast
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