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Yuwen Temple
Though the Sun Dynasty is one of the oldest kingdoms, there is evidence within their borders for a civilization even older than that, one which they will tell you they conquered themselves long ago. Whether this is true, or if they simply moved into the carcass of a long lost kingdom as Eyirath claims, the root of this settlement has a strange shift in architecture compared to their newer homesteads. Yuwen Temple is blocky and harshly angled, towering above the jungles of the Dynasty with grass growing through the cracks in the cobblestone, growing more lush where the sun's light bathes it. The insides of the temple can only be accessed from certain levels, while other elevations have false entrances and traps both inside and out. Yuwen Temple is a maze of passageways and hidden rooms; only those who are familiar with the Temple are truly able to navigate it from top to bottom. While some passages are well-known and traversed--and equally well-guarded--others are hardly touched except for the Sun Dynasty's noble families. Exploration of the temple is not encouraged, but not specifically discouraged, either, and there are still some parts that are unknown to even the Ilkhan's family. Reporting on these passageways will earn that citizen a special prize, and the favor of the Ilkhan themself.
Climate Zone
Temperature Range
Tropical monsoon
61°F (16°C) — 82°F (28°C)
Low precipitation
High cloud cover
High precipitation
High cloud cover
Yuwen Temple
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