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Ludic Strait
Ludic Strait is named for the first captain to steer his ship through the turbulent, shallow waters and circle Farryn's Isle. He proved it was possible to do more than swim through the clear waters, and made a name for himself in the process. The Ludic Strait remains more often a place for swimming rather than sailing, except for those smaller ships which ground themselves on the beaches of the Silent Flats. The waters remain turbulent, yet their crystal-clear surface allows folks to see all the way to the bottom all across the Strait; one doesn't even need to dive to observe the fish darting through coral. It's even possible to see the movement of the undertows that unwary swimmers may be caught in, if you're watching closely. Marine wildlife such as dolphins, sharks and orcas also swim these waters, only occasionally posing a threat to those attempting to make the crossing. The only exception to this rule is whales, as the water is too shallow for them to enter the area. The occasional youngling gets stranded there, most often hunted by the locals and considered a windfall. The coral reef that covers the bottom of the Strait, making it particularly dangerous to sail, occasionally offers a resting point for swimmers at low tide, as well as a beautiful, colorful look into what life under water is like. Separated from the summer sea by Farryn's Isle, the waters remain warm and inviting until late in the year, with winter storms making the waves even more dangerous.
Ludic Strait
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