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Silent Flats
To the east, the rolling hills of Golden Dew Rise and the marshy waters of the Willowglen give way abruptly to the desolation of the Silent Flats. Called such because the sound of paw on salt is so quiet that no movement can be heard, the flats are several hundred roots wide and even longer than that to the north and south, reaching from the Rift all the way to Ludic Straight. The southern beach is frequently used to load ships, with smaller boats lining the shore to bring goods from the mainland out to Farryn's Isle or vice versa. Nothing grows here, as every inch of arable land has been covered in a layer of salt thick enough to bury a lion. The sun shines harshly off the surface, giving many the mirage of far-away water that never grows closer as they travel. The eastern edge of the Silent Flats is entirely bordered by cliffs, save one place to the north, where the salt flats give way enough for a dirt path to form up the cliffs to Teggedel. A cluster of larger rocks providing shelter and shade as a temporary rest stop just before the path. To the southeast, in the shadow of the cliffs, the bones of a massive serpentine creature can be seen settled on top of the salt layer. Its fangs alone are taller than the largest lions; no one is certain what the behemoth was, or if any still live.
Silent Flats
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