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Towering above the land in the Rift at the very heart of As'dra, south of Golden Dew Rise and just northeast of the Eyirath Kingdom's Issan Estate, Yggdrasil watches from overhead. A goliath unlike any other tree in any kingdom, its deep umber bark has veins of birch white in the grain, going up as far as the eye can see--which is not to the top of the tree, as Yggdrasil's highest canopy cannot be seen from the ground beneath it. The trunk itself has grown crooked, leaning and turning as a flower does when it stretches toward the sun. The tree is so large that it can be seen and identified even from The Three Sisters in the north, on the very edges of As'dra; its sprawling branches flirt with passing clouds, disrupting their flow and often causing brief rain showers as it steals the water from them before those clouds move on. The rain showers are caused by the residual moisture steadily dripping through Yggdrasil's canopy onto the ground below, allowing grass and lush undergrowth to nestle near its roots. Though its leaves are wide and flat like many deciduous varieties across the land, they never fall in winter; Yggdrasil is perpetually full, lush and beautiful, with only the occasional leaf falling in ones and twos, which is considered a blessing from the tree by those that find them or see them fall. The roots are large, arching high and then sprawling out as they burrow deep underground.The occasional root can be found in far-flung corners of As'dra when the earth shifts, as though Yggdrasil is holding the land together.
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