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The Gullet
Surrounded on all sides with jagged rocks along the beach instead of soft sand, the Gullet is inhospitable to those who would sail to its shores, with no real place to bring the boat in to dock. Instead, those who wish to see the beautiful lavender fields and explore this mysterious island are better off going for a short swim, either from a ship nearby or simply from Issan Estate to the south or Golden Dew Rise from the east. Once this hurdle has been overcome, however, the Gullet is serene and welcoming. No trees grow on the island, leaving plenty of room for the flowers to bloom from one shore to the other. Legend says the flowers were planted by a pair of lovers, and grew more numerous with each happy year they had together. Now that the island is fully covered, many consider it a romantic hotspot and make the swim with their love, or in search of it. The most discerning feature on the island is the tall stone altar that can be found somewhere within its borders. Pale enough to stand out even in the dark of night, large enough to hold two lions if they squished together, and eerily clean of dirt and debris; those who seek out the altar rarely find it in the same place twice, yet strangely it can always be found so long as one goes looking.
The Gullet
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