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Golden Dew Rise
When one reaches the endless rolling fields of golden grass and wildflowers to the south of great Yggdrasil, they've found Golden Dew Rise. The earth is soft and loamy beneath the feet, leaving clear tracks for all who travel the gentle slopes. Should one happen to dig deeper into the earth for some reason, they may discover numerous bones contribute to the fertility of the land in Golden Dew Rise; not just of various prey animals but lions as well. From afar, the golden hills glitter on the horizon with the magick of the earth's bounty, as the fields were once cultivated with care and attention by those who came before the current kingdoms of As'dra were even established. The rumored history of Golden Dew Rise suggests it once had a group who traveled regularly to Yggdrasil and back, for what purpose few can guess.Little is known about the group, but their work withstands the test of time; among the more common grasses and wildflowers, rare plants can be found growing from deep boxes, unkempt and untamed without their previous gardeners but easily recognizable to those who would use them for healing. Uprooting these plants seems impossible, they're so firmly entrenched, but the plants themselves prove more potent than others of their kind as well. According to tales, Golden Dew Rise and the ancient garden that resides there has survived numerous disasters, with little to no ill effect. It is a land considered blessed by Yggdrasil.
Golden Dew Rise
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