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Thesvern Hills
South of the Wild Yonder and bordering the west side of the Wild Vale, the Thesvern Hills are covered in snow year-round. Neutral territory that bridges Sestrala Commonwealth and Uddegana Province, it sees frequent patronage by the people of both Kingdoms for a variety of reasons. Most often it's a fun time to unwind in the snow, though other deals happen as occasionally merchants will set up in the hills rather than traveling to either kingdom, specifically. These merchants are not usually above board, but they may have an intriguing item or two nonetheless, for the appropriately wary customer to haggle away. The hills are also known to be hollow, with barrows underneath to long-dead kings making up the majority of each hilltop. Treasure hunters may go digging here often, though rarely do they walk away with anything of worth when so many have come before. Nonetheless, it serves as something of a proving ground for those who are interested in the history of As'dra...and the treasures that await there. Most are wary of digging too far south in the Thesvern Hills, as its proximity to the Rift makes the caves and tunnels far more dangerous. In some instances, they crumble away into the darkness and leave not even an echo of the impact below.
Thesvern Hills
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