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The Three Sisters
The highest peaks of the Skelmor Mountain Range, which separates As'dra from the northern territories beyond, the Three Sisters sit slightly off-centered in a vague cluster with the tallest, nicknamed the Eldest, looking over the other two. The peak of the Eldest can be climbed for a good view of the surrounding area, if you're up for a couple hundred roots heading upward and onward for most of a day. The other two are still taller than their surrounding brethren, but fall short of the Eldest's sheer size. They make up for it in other ways, with one being dubbed the Roundest and another the Littlest Sister. Travel across the mountains takes longer than usual as the terrain is often difficult, but many tout the view afterward as something worth the climb. Looking out into the beyond or across all of As'dra is possible from even the shortest peak. Tales of the three sisters turned to stone for their actions spread far and wide from the region, even entering some more distant kingdoms as the peaks are tall enough to be seen from across As'dra. Eldest siblings around the world sympathize with the plight of the Eldest, who is forever looking after two mischievous younger siblings. Lovers all the way to Teggedell admire the Roundest who was also the most romantic, and adventurous cubs the world over are told the cautionary tale of the Littlest, who doomed her family.
The Three Sisters
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