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Amaranthine Cove
With smooth white rocks rising in a jagged arc from beneath the surface to provide a buffer against stronger tides, the Amaranthine Cove offers a reprieve from the ever-raging Howling Sea. Its waters are far calmer as they approach the shore, though remain choppy and dangerous on the farthest edges, and their gentle nature allows clearer vision into the depths below. Though the water remains cold as it washes in from the Howling Sea, the placid tides tempt many swimmers and fishers alike all the same. The fish within Amaranthine Cove are largely populated by those who were small enough to slip between the rocks, or were born in the safer waters and grew too fat to get out again. Their size can be prodigious, and fishing here is plentiful. Close to the shores near the Bloodwood, dark branches of coral can be found. Though they lack both the color and the vibrant residents of their Summer Sea cousins, the coral here thrives, the sands around them littered with tiny fish bones. While the occasional shark or other deep-ocean predator can be found, it is by no means a frequent event, allowing the residents of As'dra free reign in these waters.
Amaranthine Cove
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