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Burnsul Freeze
One of the strangest territories in all of As'dra, Burnsul Freeze is both frozen and steaming, a perfect blend of hot and cold. A wide, frozen ice plain interspersed with deep wells leading beneath the ice, where water constantly drips in between sudden bursts of heat in motion, spraying into the air and then raining tiny droplets of ice down in a usually-harmless shower. Ships dot the water's surface, some for the most part intact while others are caught on a frozen geyser, lifted off the surface by a force of nature and held there, suspended in time. Exploring these ships may occasionally lead to something interesting, such as strange artifacts, treasures of old or even traps not yet set off by those who have passed before. In very rare cases, one may even find the bones of strange animals on the ships, and it is said that some can hear their ghostly wails. For most, however, the draw of Burnsul Freeze is the currently-active geysers. It makes an attractive spot to bring potential mates, and considered fortunate if the prospective couple is showered with the ice from a geyser. If either one is hurt by the falling ice, however, many take it as an omen of a bad match and will often begin seeking other partners after the event.
Burnsul Freeze
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