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Named such for the pink and red trees that forever hold their foliage, though the leaves are shaped like deciduous trees that should shed in the fall, the Everbloom is a place of legend in As'dra. Many stories take place in one of the two large ponds; some of the greatest romances have a beginning or climax happen among the swaying petals of pale-barked trees. With all that and their proximity to Kikona Springs the Everbloom is considered a remarkably romantic place to go. Even the cliff it bumps up against and the position the trees grow in is heart-shaped in the eyes of some, though what is less known is that the special variety of pink, and especially those rarer red-leafed trees have properties that can be harvested through their leaves and bark. Thus the trees themselves bring healers and assassins both to come foraging through for either potent poisons or antidotes. The trees are thought to have grown as a result of the creation of Alef's Cascades as they only appear around the bodies of water that the Cascades connect, and nowhere else in all of As'dra. They are considered a wonder by the separate realms and even sacred in some circles, which has helped the Everbloom to remain neutral territory for so many years.
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