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Firefly Grotto
Nestled into the foot of the mountains beneath waterfalls cascading down around it, Firefly Grotto has a history as a battleground more than a settlement. Though there are buildings, beautifully structured in the same style as Nepenthe Haven, they are tucked away, hidden in the deeper foliage of the Moslye Jungle, and many are damaged in some way. Most of the settlement is lush with greenery, the jungle reclaiming any paths that might have once existed and hiding any new ones that are made. Many of the buildings have a secret exit to allow inhabitants to escape when war comes to their territory again, most leading to the mansion of the Daimyo beside the waterfall but some leading deeper into the Moslye Jungle. The mansion is the only building in the settlement that is easily visible, a place where forces can be mustered and a target for the enemy all in one. In a cave beneath this building, tunnels wind their way deeper into the mountains, and eventually lead to a sacred cistern, a cavern with a lake set centered beneath a hole in the ceiling that allows moonlight through. The cistern cannot be accessed except by these tunnels, and the water is cool and refreshing but not cold, a product of being ice-melt from Burnsul Freeze.
Climate Zone
Temperature Range
Tropical steppe
44°F (7°C) — 86°F (30°C)
Moderate precipitation
Moderate cloud cover
Moderate precipitation
Low cloud cover
Firefly Grotto
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