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Surrounding the area of Nepenthe Haven, stretching between Amaranthine Cove and the Summer Sea, the Bloodwood gets its name from the towering red palmate maple trees that grow in the area, with delicate many-fingered leaves that call to mind a rain of blood when they fall in autumn. The land beneath these trees is softened, leaving deep tracks from any who pass through; yet, strangely, it is not wet, bringing to mind the crunch of old bones, or the gentle give of a softened carcass. Though the trees are numerous and their branches spread wide, the red of their leaves and the expanse of their canopy means that in full daylight, the Bloodwood is bright, almost inviting, if one can ignore the sickly sweet scent of the coral bell ferns and flowering dogwood that sprout beneath them. To the southwest, the Bloodwood gives way to cliffs looking out over a soft-sanded beach, which covers the entire southern border and connects directly to the steps of Nepenthe Haven. To the northwest, it is bordered by the highly contested, unclaimed area called The Divide leading to the Phantom Veil; to the northeast, the Moslye Jungle takes over.
Climate Zone
Temperature Range
Tropical steppe
44°F (7°C) — 86°F (30°C)
Moderate precipitation
Moderate cloud cover
Moderate precipitation
Low cloud cover
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