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The Spearhead
So named due to the abundance of rocks shaped into arrowheads, with roads trampled flat by years of use, the Spearhead is the clearest and safest path through the Sun Dynasty, guiding travelers from The Crow's Eye to Yuwen Temple and onward to the land bridge leading to Everbloom in the north. Along its edges, the jungles of the Dynasty grow thick and unforgiving, but not entirely impassable for a lone creature attempting to slip the notice of the Spearhead's guard patrols. A few smaller tracks lead away from the more trafficked roads toward the wellsprings that pop up sporadically, allowing travelers to refresh themselves without nearing the fast-running rivers that guard the farthest edges of the Spearhead--though following these tracks is only possible on foot, and attempting to guide a caravan onto one will bring the guard's attention to you promptly. The roads of the Spearhead are also well-maintained by the Sun Dynasty, fallen trees cleared away within days after a storm, which allows merchants driving their caravans to hock their wares to passersby with little difficulty or interruption to their flow. The Spearhead is a bustling place, the jewel of the Sun Dynasty, and thus well-patrolled so that no one dishonors their place there. Thieves who are caught on the roads of the Spearhead are treated more harshly than anywhere else, encouraging the Sun Dynasty's criminal underbelly to be one of those least likely to be caught in all the Kingdoms of As'dra.
Climate Zone
Temperature Range
Tropical monsoon
61°F (16°C) — 82°F (28°C)
Low precipitation
High cloud cover
High precipitation
High cloud cover
The Spearhead
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