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Crow's Eye
Separated from the mainland by a narrow strait with only one well-maintained bridge suspended hundreds of feet above the water as their connecting point. While in some places the strait is narrow enough to swim across, there are many who prefer to take the winding path up the karsts to cross the bridge, both for the view and due to the greater safety, for it is much safer to cross the bridge than swim when karsts continue beneath the water of the strait, invisible beneath the surface and sharpened by the currents. On the islet itself, the Crow's Eye is dominated by the winding paths of the karsts, settled into almost a grid-like formation on the majority of the land with buildings hollowed out of the stone itself to provide shelter for those who've settled here. Many of them are close enough together that a daring individual could leap from one karst to its neighbor, but for those who are less able there are hidden bridges carved of stone and maintained carefully. At night, the howling winds can hardly be told from the howling monkeys or the howling of the birds as they weave in and out of the stone pillars. On the southernmost tip of the islet, a cove opens up with a fallen rock, making a perfect meeting point hidden from any viewpoint but that of the Howling Sea--and everyone knows, what the Sea knows stays beneath its waves.
Climate Zone
Temperature Range
Tropical monsoon
61°F (16°C) — 82°F (28°C)
Low precipitation
High cloud cover
High precipitation
High cloud cover
Crow's Eye
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