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Phantom Veil
The largest pool of water running off from Firefly Grotto down the Om'at Tributary, bordered by cliffs in the north and the bustling foliage of the Divide's rainforest on all sides, the Phantom Veil is wide and deep. Some suspect a spring somewhere underneath in addition to the water from the falls to the north lend to its sheer size, but the source has never been proven. The water still retains some of the cold of Burnsul Freeze after its long journey, and fog frequently rolls across its surface, gathered from the mist of the roaring falls and lending humidity to a great deal of the surrounding area. It's a popular watering hole for local fauna and travelers alike, as the clear surface of the lake lacks impurities visible to the naked eye and stretches, clear blue and beautiful, for a hundred roots or more--as far as the eye can see from one shore to the next. Crossing it is a dubious task, and most choose to travel around its edges instead, though young sailors of both neighboring kingdoms are also prone to building their first ships here and attempting to sail from one side to the other. It's a long swim for those who fail to account properly for the Phantom Veil's tumultuous waters.
Phantom Veil
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