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Travel to As'dra
40 threads   •   109 posts
The world beyond our humble realms are vast in nature — lands stretch from corner to corner, and those of different terrain float adrift outside the As’dra peninsula. Here are the stories of how they came to be, and how they eventually find As’dra to be their new home.

This is a temporary board for those interested in writing journeys to As’dra! Characters still must be accepted via our process prior to posting. As a disclaimer, players are permitted to adjust these threads if need be prior to our official opening due to us currently being in a soft-open phase, but please contact those participating in the threads before changing any information or mark them clearly as non-canon.
System Testing
2 threads   •   24 posts
As systems become official on Fernweh, the administration team will be opening this forum occasionally to testing by the player database. We encourage all members to partake and give feedback on the systems so we can adjust them prior to full release. This includes hunting for loopholes and overall “stress-testing” each system. All threads within this forum are non-canon and will not have any effects or consequences in the world of As’dra.

We are currently testing our Stats & Perks through a Halloween event.

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