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Altar of the Phoenix
Visible from the Rothmos Burial Ground, to the Golden Dew Rise and with its steely gaze fixed as far as the Wild vale, the Altar of the Phoenix lifts itself proudly to take wing from the Horizon-Sestrala Border's mountains. Though set close by and watching over Rudrin's Maze, the way to the top of the Altar of the Phoenix is not found within it--though there are ways to the top, from within the maze, they are more dangerous and challenging than the true path. Instead, nestled among the foothills on the Horizon side of the Horizon-Sestrala Border, the tail of the Phoenix nestles half-buried in the ground, the carved feathers only visible if you know where to look. The slope following the tail up onto the Phoenix's back looks steeper than can be easily climbed, but there is a path that uses the rises and valleys of the carvings to their advantage, and eventually winds all the way up to its head. There are paths also leading out onto the widely spread wings, though after so much time moving fully onto the flight feathers of the Phoenix is not advised, for they can and will crumble alarmingly beneath the unwary traveler. Atop the Phoenix's head is the Altar of the Phoenix; nestled into the crown of feathers sweeping back from its carved gaze is a simple stone platform, just tall enough that even the largest lions must crane their necks to see the swirling pattern that covers its top.
Altar of the Phoenix
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