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Rudrini's Maze
Lying in the shadow of the Altar of the Phoenix and burrowing underground, the Rudrini Maze has tunnels spanning the entire western range of the Horizon-Sestrala Border mountains. The maze has entrances on either side, but the winding tunnels are impassible except those who've grown up within the realms nearby. Though some places toward the center of Rudrini's Maze are exposed to the sky, the walls are tall and smooth, impossible to climb out of, and these openings always quickly give way to underground tunnels once more. Aside from the wailing screams and low susurrus that echo within the tunnels, the intersections curve, double back on themselves, and branch in confusing ways. Some sections of the pathways seem to become colder than others, and those cold spots shift according to criteria that no one has yet understood. The tale of Rudrini becoming lost in the maze is a cautionary one; having lost his life within these dark tunnels, his screams and murmurs are said to act as a warning to any who dare to enter after him. Some claim to have seen a ghostly figure walking ahead of them, yet the stories of this figure are wide and varied. Sometimes, it will lead you out and to safety--and other times, it seems intent on trapping you there forever as its companion.
Rudrini's Maze
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