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Howling Sea
From the farthest northwestern reaches of As'dra down to the calmer waters of Amaranthine Cove and as far out across the water as the eye can see, the Howling Sea rages. A place where the waters never calm, and the wind screeches more than sings. The tides of deep blue water are rough and unforgiving, battering the coastline and anything built upon it with no mercy. Beneath the choppy surface, fish and more dangerous creatures lurk more peacefully, but it's only a few feet down that the waters become pitch black--no way of seeing what's further beneath. Should one dare to go swimming in this murderous sea, they are always cautioned not to go too deep, for if they do they may lose sight of the light and never find their way up again. Storms are a common sight along the coastline, and occasionally the Howling Sea will rage enough to throw a hurricane along As'dra's western coast. The wailing cries of the wind long preclude such events, and most of the time it is simple to find cover; if you can move far enough inland to avoid the accompanying floods, all the better. Once, only once, the Howling Sea rose up in a tsunami and devastated the land, creating what's now known as the Sinking Dominion from the remnants of a strong settlement. The story continues to pass down, however, and many watch the Howling Sea with wary eyes, uncertain of when or if its rage will boil so high again.
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Sinking Dominion
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North of Everbloom on the shores beneath the Sleeping Dragon, the remnants of a disaster still linger. Stories are told of the day the waves rose and swallowed this once-bustling home, the remnants of those few who survived to find new places after the event, though accounts are conflicting on what exactly happened to cause the wave. The bones of a sturdy port town are all that remains in what is now the Sinking Dominion, its former name lost to time. The tides rising and receding change the landscape over the course of the day, and so the ruins of this old city never look quite the same from one visit to the next. Ships in disrepair, the ruins of stone buildings and shattered remains of woodwork are all a common find within the miles of shallow water when the tide is low, with the odd intact bit of furniture or other objects of interest to draw forth the curious. To the north, a towering structure still mostly stands, casting shadow over the town below, and remains one of the safest places to explore near high tide. Untold treasures and the secrets of forgotten lives await within the ruins. Be wary, however, for when the tide rises, it rises quickly, and the whole area will relive the initial disaster as it is swallowed again by the sea.
Howling Sea
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